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Anything on your “Honey-do” list!

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Our Mission

Our mission at Go To Guy Solutions is to:

Deliver the highest standard of handyman services.

Make our clients’ lives easier, happier and less stressful.

Honesty, integrity, and understanding of the diversity in the community.

Go To Guy Solutions provides busy professionals with more personal time and fewer errands that consume valuable time.
Founded by Kimberly Simon of Go To Girl Solutions in Lethbridge, Alberta. A background in healthcare, she is experienced with the busy-ness and stress of life.
Faced with a choice between hiring someone to perform a task, or doing it yourself, it’s often more efficient and even more cost-effective to outsource that work.

Free up your time to achieve a better work-life balance.

We complete your tasks, giving you more time and energy to enjoy life with less stress.

How can we improve your workload and work-life balance?

Handyman Services – How It All Works

A handyman company to outsource all of your time-consuming tasks!

We assist businesses and individuals with all those various things that just need to get done, including yard care, carpet cleaning, anything on your honey-do list.

What tasks need to be done to give you back your time?


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Within 24 hrs the Go-To-Guy will contact you to confirm the appointment time, location and price.


Get The Invaluable Gift Of Time

If it’s on your honey-do list, it’s likely we can take care of it. We save you time, provide excellent service, and guarantee our work.

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Why Customers Choose our Handyman Services?

Save Valuable Time

We take care of particular activities that busy people just don’t have the time, the desire, or the network of contacts to do themselves.

Enjoy Life More

While we complete those important tasks. Fewer to-do’s on your list lets your life be a bit easier, and hopefully happier!

Highest Quality Service

We seek to deliver the highest standard of service with honesty, integrity, and understanding of the diversity in the community.

We Have Experience

With Donnie’s 25 years of experience  in Oil & Gas industry solving and fixing problems, he is the perfect fit in helping others with their TO DO LISTS around the house.

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